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Planting Trees

This is Pine Tree. I created this company from having been in the industry of telling stories through visual media for 15 years and have never wavered in my passion. Whether behind the camera, in the director's seat, flying a drone, being talent on screen, or in the edit room piecing together a story from scratch. I love it all. 

Pine Tree represents my New Hampshire heritage having grown up among the trees. I use colors similar to Dartmouth College whose hockey team I grew up watching and idolizing as a kid. It represents the many branches or skills I've formed in my career to create a strong base to grow even taller. 

I also understand that teamwork is what drives this industry. Through my many years in the industry I've cultivated a vast network of colleagues to work with. This diverse group brings a litany of skills and perspectives to meet any challenge. When you work with Pine Tree, you work within a community of creators. 

As my Uncle Billy will leave a conversation, "Be well and keep a good thought."

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